#BirdmanUltimatums Teases The Cash Money Mogul’s Odd Way With Words

Life Writer
04.23.16 2 Comments


People aren’t letting Birdman live after the Cash Money boss demanded that The Breakfast Club add some “respek” to his name during a recent intense interview. After requesting his respek Friday morning, Birdman asked the show’s “tree” hosts if they were “finished or done” with the interview before taking his ball and going home.

The crazy “are you finished or done?” ultimatum led to the funny-as-sh*t #BirdmanUltimatums, with thousands of Twitter users teasing the 47-year-old New Orleans plehboi by adding their own head-scratching questions. “Are we leaving in 30 minutes or we going in half an hour?” “It’s only tree of dem donuts left or you got one more beside them two?” “Y’all open all night or y’all 24 hours?” That was just a slice of the entertaining tweets posted late Friday night.

Catch more below.

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