Bishop Lamont Feat. Diverse & Dave NY – “U Ain’t Fresh” Video

10.14.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

This post should be prefaced with the fact we’ve long been supporters of Bishop Lamont and that remains the same.

However, this Aftermath cast-off sounds straight desperate on his ironically-named new video. Shot during the final days of the famous Fat Beats LA, “U Ain’t Fresh” finds Bishop stuck moving diagonally and clinging on to a way of life that is literally closing up shop on him. While the anti-establishment MC isn’t alone in his neglect for uneducated artists and “aggins busting raps over techno hits,” the obvious resentment leaves him sounding scorned by an industry he wanted so badly to be at the forefront of. Especially when – amidst another tired tirade about how Hip-Hop he is and everyone else isn’t – this guy is stuck digging through crates, asking other artists “where’s the progress?”

Don’t get it twisted, this song means well and vibes right, but it’s far from progressive.

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