“Oh Snap!”

12.08.09 8 years ago 10 Comments

In an effort to lure out Punxsutawney Phil, better known as LC, to write something, I slipped her this Biz Markie commercial for Radio Shack. See, I know she’s a big fan of Radio Shack. Although I forget a lot, I remembered her two other posts about the store so I figured she’d be happy they had a small budget, or at least enough to shoot a commercial now.

That was December 3rd.

She told me it was old and, even worse, that it was “corny.” I told her she just didn’t like to see Biz getting money and that she watches too much TV anyways. Ol’Bitter Barbara.

Ever since December 3rd, I’ve been walking around saying “Oh snap!” at the most random of things.

And I think I want a new point and shoot in my stocking come Christmas time.

Spied @ Fat Lace

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