“Now This Is What I’m Talkin’ About…”

04.20.09 9 years ago 26 Comments

I was about to post this new Warren G song featuring Travis Barker, called “Let’s Get High : 420 Anthem,” figuring it would be appropriate for today’s hazy holiday.

Then I had a change of heart.

As much as I respect Warren G and his music, I don’t think it’s fair to release a song and immediately expect it to commend “anthem” status due to the title alone. Whether it’s a good song or not, that prestigious connotation just sets the bar too, umm…far above your head. The majority of rappers have already released their own odes to the herb, with a few classics in the bag, and the well has pretty much dried up.

Be that as it may, the G-Child can have his shine…right below a true bud smokers anthem, “Fried Day” by Bizzy Bone.

Having been around enough Swisher wizards and stinking hippies to fairly judge, I think it’s safe to say Bizzy’s track from the Next Friday soundtrack is probably the most recognized weed song ever. Even more so than “The Weed Song” by his group Bone, who dedicated practically half their catalog to the sweet sinsemilla. Not only is the beat about mellow as they come, but the quick-tongued toker floats his vocab so breezily over the slow tempo that listeners can’t help but get lost in the mixture of pot and poetics, making it the perfect compliment to any session.

Now, no matter which you prefer, light up and enjoy both.


Download — Bizzy Bone – “Fried Day”


Download — Warren G Feat. Travis Barker & Black Nicc – “Let’s Get High (420 Anthem)”

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