BK Cyph – “Ode To Panamanian Cricket”

05.07.09 9 years ago 37 Comments

Khal from Rock The Dub hit me up with the following words from emcee BK Cyph, who crafted a chune in ode to the Panamanian arses we posted the other day.

“A few days ago some pics leaked online of some chicks at a Cricket game in Panama. FUCKIN AMAZING! Some folks are claiming Photoshop and that may be the case, but I couldn’t take that chance. I’ve already booked my flight to Panama City and I’m embarking on a Borat-like expedition- wish me luck. But before I left, I decided to write a little song about it for your listening pleasures. Oh yeah, shouts to Cassie and all the good folks in the dELiA*s mailroom. HA!”

Cyph, let me know how much airfare is folk! Panama just replaced Brazil as my “dirty destination before I die” place.

Really, all I wanted was another reason to post those rumps. Oh, those glorious things, Lord knows how I would love to smoke those hams. It doesn’t matter if they’re authentic or variants. In my mind, they are real.


Download — BK Cyph – “Ode To Panamanian Cricket”

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