QoTD: Have You Ever Witnessed A Black Friday Fight?

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
11.27.13 34 Comments

Every retailer I’ve ever made a purchase from has sent me an email this week regarding a sale. It’s now that I realize I do 96% of my shopping online. Still, I know there are hundreds of other brave souls either already plopped down in lawn chairs outside a store or making arrangements to hit streets for Black Friday sales.

And with Black Friday, the stampedes and violence have become part of the spectacle. People tend to lose their shit in the name of scoring what they believe is a huge deal, closely akin to bulls go charging at the matador’s red cape. Elbows get thrown, people get pushed and store employees become referees (and sometimes officers of peace).

So we ask has anybody ever seen a Black Friday fight or stampede? Better yet, has anybody been in a Black Friday fight? Don’t be shy about sharing your stories, unless charges are still pending.

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