Get Your Hopes All The Way Up For Aaron McGruder’s ‘Black Jesus’ By Watching Its Trailer

07.18.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

“The most anticipated comeback in history.”

I’m glad McGruder got his paper from Adult Swim. That’s well and good. But Adult Swim owes us, the viewers, for the travesty that was season four of The Boondocks. The best way they can repay the debt is to make sure McGruder gets free reign over Black Jesus.

Nah, From the looks of this trailer, they may have left McGruder to his own devices as the old web series looks like the transition to TV may work. All of the original ingredients are there: haters hating on Jesus, “winenac,” weed smoke, Charlie Murphy, shootouts, non-believers, John Witherspoon and everything else under the sun that God’s son would encounter in Compton.

“Ready your minds, open your hearts” for the August 7th premiere on Adult Swim at 11pm EST.

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