Black Milk Is Pure Michigan

01.24.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

As our economy here in Michigan currently resides alongside Splinter and the TMNT gang in the sewer, Governor Granholm and her old fogy cronies have enlisted some of the Dirty Mitten’s most notable faces to clean up our image and bring customers back to the Great Lakes State: Coach Izzo, Mitch Albom, The Captain and a few unrecognizable big-wig business-types who know Bo Diddly about sports. Then, rather surprisingly, at the :22 mark is none other than chronic Tronic delivery man Black Milk, promoting what else but ‘Fresh Milk!’ The b-roll of his voice may last longer than his grill, but the fact that Black simply got the nod amongst local gods shows that Popular Demand couldn’t have been more true.

I wonder why Trick Trick didn’t get the look?

*Imagines Trick posted 100-deep on 7 Mile and Mack standing over bodies of bloody rappers, hoisting those bazookas from “Can’t Fuck Wit My City” and proudly yelling, “Fire Power!”*

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