Black Sheep Feat. Psycho Les – “Important Fact”

07.05.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

I actually forgot I had a media copy of From The Black Pool Of Genius until a few days ago. Since it’s not an anticipated release, I’ve been listening to all the mp3s individually as they flow through my inbox. After “Party Tonight” dropped last week and continued the string of likable songs emerging from the album, I realized that the full disc might be worth a spin.

One of the beauts found happens to host a Beatnuts appearance for the track “Important Fact.” Well, one half of the ‘Nuts at least, as Psycho Les the featured artist in attendance. And I guess that’s compatible to Dres reppin’ Black Sheep for dolo. Whatever the case, it’s score another one for From The Pool…

Black Sheep Feat. Psycho Les – “Important Fact” | Download

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