“Gettin’ High Watchin’ Family Guy…”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
04.06.09 13 Comments

The minor sh*tstorm that came about regarding Black Spade, Charles Hamilton & “Shinin'” made me go back & pull out To Serve, With Love. Man listen…just play it. Over Spades’ melodic beat, ‘Feek & Rocky dumb out. Feek’s straightforward attack compliments Rock’s bob & weave tactics as he goes over & under the beat for his verse. And one who knows how to put music together like no other, Stoney Rock doesn’t rap, he sings for his vocal contribution to the song. At first, his feigned warble may be hard to catch on to. But it’s in the vein of Phonte’s singing: its attraction lays in the natural imperfections.

And with all due respect, Rockwell’s verse in this song alone should give you more than enough reason to go & check out The Glow.


Black Spade Feat. Wafeek & Rockwell Knuckles – “Her Perfume She Wore”

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