One Listen To Blake Carrington And Devontee’s ‘W.Y.T.D.’ And You’ll Be Hooked

01.09.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

It’s Saturday morning but Blake Carrington and Devontee aren’t posted up eating cereal, watching cartoons or sitting around hungover. The two Toronto boys patterned up with each other to chase dreams and are looking back through the screen at you asking, “What You Trynna’ Do?”

Perennial dreamchasers like Blake Carrington don’t come around often. His penchant for ill melodies, an endless supply of “Fresh” bars and the Oui Self Made team behind him validate his claims that he is going to make it one way or another. Looping in relative newcomer Devontee for production and a back and forth flow that would have Styles and Jada nodding in approval, “W.Y.T.D.” uses retro visuals with low-fi aesthetics to put on for their city.

Never had no co-sign/ A lot of n****s focus on the finish line/ But they never ever wanna put in time/ Tell me what you tryna’ do?” A decade ago saw Blake hustling just as hard. He was front row at every show in the city, wylin’ out the hardest whether there was 600 people at a sold-out Mod Club or 30 people from the performing artists’ entourages. His dedication to the city, the culture and the craft are rare assets in a game full of artists who are proud to admit they just picked up a mic and are promoting the 3rd record they ever recorded. The hustle is unmatched and the music has evolved to prove it.

#FAILURE (Finding A Way In Loving Urself Reflects Excellence) drops in April, but there is no reason to hold your breath for new material when his output so far has already been criminally overlooked. From vlogs at SXSW for the last five years to every mixtape and video being on smash, welcome to Carrington’s World.

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