Blake Griffin, Clippers Go All AND 1 Mixtape On The 76ers

02.09.14 4 years ago 11 Comments

With the game winding down in the fourth quarter, it’s safe to say the Clippers have all but dismantled the Philadelphia 76ers and they’re having fun doing it. They’re going with alley-oops off the glass, reverse jams on alley-oops and behind the back…just shenanigans that have to be seen to be believed. Talk about being rejuvanated with Chris Paul back in the lineup. The damn score was 69-30 at the half.

Philly shot just 7 for 50 from the floor and had four assists (FOUR) in the first half. This game serves as a reminder that at one point the Sixers began this season 3-0 by beating LeBron James, John Wall and Derrick Rose. Those days were a long time ago.

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