Suns PJ Tucker Punches Blake Griffin. As Usual, Blake Didn’t Fight Back

03.11.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

The Phoenix Suns decided to take the rough-and-tumble approach to defending against Blake Griffin and, this time, it ended up with a small scuffle.

The play happened late in the fourth quarter as the Clippers had a sizable lead and looked to be headed to the winner’s circle. Griffin and Tucker got tangled up, fell to the ground together where they jostled around briefly before Suns player takes a swing at Blake while they were on the ground.

While Tucker made his way to showers early, the Clip Show went on to win 112-105 and Griffin finished with 37 points on 14-16 shooting. He later told AZ Republic, “We got tangled up, went down and, you know, took a little forearm. But it happens. I’ll let someone else handle that.”

It’s good and noble and all that Blake managed to maintain his cool but two rap-related quotes come to mind.

1. Eventually he’s going to have to stand up like a man and throw down, like Q told Bishop. That’s the only way he’s going to get the juice and stop getting hammered by opponents in the post.

2. Since Blake seems like a mellow dude who wouldn’t subscribe to a more violent, Tupac-way of teaching, I’d refer him to the outro skit from The Fugees’ “Manifest” to say that “If you let them kick you once, they gone kick you once. But if you break off the motherf*cking feet, ain’t gone be no more kickin’ going on.”

Cut off the feet, Blake.

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