Blind Item

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I hate to get into rumor-mongering & mudslingin’…but dear Lord, the pictorial proof gave me too much of a laugh.

Long Story Short

In the rumor world, they have these “Blind Items” and my consigliere always sends them to me even though I know zilch about pop culture. In these, they basically share info & rumors, based on the words of a variety of “credible” sources. This particular one revolves around a Black male celebrity/entertainer from the 70’s who had an affair, slipped up & ended up with an extra crumbsnatcher. He didn’t claim the kid, nor did he publicly or privately acknowledge them.

If you’re not interested in this fuckery, you should stop here.

If you’re slightly intrigued, continue forward.

This secret would have been buried if the son hadn’t grown up to become a big celebrity and start dating “the daughter of his biological father who was born the same year as him.”

The mother became frantic when she found out and got in touch with his male celebrity father. She told him he had to use all of his power to break the relationship up because “they have no idea they are half siblings.”

We’re not sure if his son knows the family secret. According to our family source, it’s never brought up around him and things remain hush hush. Older relatives know but have been sworn to secrecy but his real dad is a “friend of the family,” and he did inherit a talent his dad has.

Who is it?

According to the homie…

The purported girlfriend/half-sister, Karen…


Initially, I thought, yeah whatever…until I saw this & just fell out laughing.

I ain’t in this shit though because I ain’t one to gossip © Benita Butrell.

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