100-Word Review: Blu’s ‘Good To Be Home’

06.03.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Blu Good To Be Home Album Cover

Perhaps Nas has company in Blu: both made stellar debuts, only to fall victim to their notoriety when creating later projects. In Blu’s case, seven years after Below The Heavens listeners get the Bombay-produced double-album, Good To Be Home, which is good but not great. For every crafty Los Angeles portrait like “Boyz N The Hood” or banger like “The Return” there’s a snoozer in “He Man.” Bombay’s production is warm and soulful–think Madvillainy-era Madlib–but it drifts from invigorating to background noise by disc two.

This is Blu’s perfect template: dusty, underground beats for him to let loose on. And it works… But not for 20 tracks.

Standout Songs: “The Return,” “Boyz N The Hood,” “Red & Gold”
Songs To Skip: “The LA,” “He Man”

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