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04.14.08 9 years ago 51 Comments

Beginning the week is always a arduous task, but we gotta start somewhere.

My past few weeks have been eventful to say the least. About a month ago, my faithful foreign car finally gave up on me. As the mechanic characterized it “your car has low vital signs” and told me I had three options – buy a new engine, buy a rebuilt engine or…buy a new car. 240K miles in & having gone thru the process of replacing a motor before (who really knew how important oil is to not blowing up an engine?), I figured I’d gotten my money’s worth and decided that it was time for us to split ways.

So after a stressful week of car searching, I settled in on what I wanted and took on a car note, which I’d gratefully been away from for over four years now. Extra money for sneakers, extravagant meals @ Applebee’s and Mexican restaurants = nonexistent now. Nevertheless, in a public transportation-deficient city like Cashville, you have to have a automobile.

I salvaged the only thing worth salvaging out of my old car besides the lighter – my iPod ready receiver. I’ve said it a million times but the only place where I really sample & truly listen to all the different Loosies & mixtapes that you see here is when I’m in the car so for me, it was a worthy investment to upgrade from the factory system, skip the weak iTrip & go straight for hardwiring.

This past weekend, I finally get the time necessary to have my head unit installed in my current vehicle. I ran all Saturday morning, to and fro to the store, buying install kits, searching for a few missing pieces from the uninstall from the old vehicle and all the other crap. Spent roughly three hours, finally got done…only to come to the realization of what I thought had happened last Wednesday.

My iPod crapped out.

After my first iPod crapped out & couldn’t be fixed for a reasonable price, I learned to consider these fine new innovations to be disposable goods, lasting only long enough for you to save up some pocket change to cop another in a good year & change.

So for another few days, I’m gettin it in with CDs.

My flavor of the weekend: Juvenile’s 400 Degreez

What did you listen to?

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Pete Rock – Underground Classics

Rhymefest – Blue Collar

C-Rayz Walz – 1975 Return Of The Beast

C.L.Smooth – American Me

DJ Whoo Kid & Tony Yayo – Pow Radio Vol.1 – Drug Users Handbook

DJ Heat & Blu Pres-So[ul] Amazin[Be4 & After Below The Heavens]

VA-BBE Records Sampler Mixed By Mr.Thing

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