Nebraska’s Bo Pelini Used His Cat To Complete Meta Circle Of Life

04.12.14 4 years ago

The first time I ever heard the term “meta,” I was sitting on the curb outside The Jane hotel in New York’s West Village.

I was waiting for my friend Kirsten, who had invited me to some reading for The Paris Review (there was free wine), when two svelte women walked behind me. They were talking about some haughty dipsh*t stuff when one cackled and screeched, “that’s so meta!”, before climbing the hotel’s steps to go inside. Guaranteed Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini knows the term better than she does because this f*cking guy brought his cat to the Cornhuskers’ spring game.

First, background. Twitter has been graced for the past year with a fake Bo Pelini Twitter account called, hehe, “Faux Pelini.” @FauxPelini is funny for the same reason @Vice_Is_Hip is funny, which is that the parody account impersonates the actual thing in a way that doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Pelini is very much a hot-head and @FauxPelini speaks to that.

@FauxPelini also features a Photoshopped avatar of Pelini with a cat. Pelini nearly melted the college football Internet this past January when he finally acknowledged the parody account and asked for his cat back. Today, Pelini completed that meta circle of life with his cat, acknowledging art that acknowledges reality, hence meta.

He also lifted the cat above his head when the football team walked into the stadium, a la The Lion King. That was simply phenomenal, and you can see the picture below.

All of this should at least guarantee Pelini a win against Minnesota in 2014, but the feline gods aren’t that beneficent.

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