Boaz – “I Wont Stop” Video

06.02.10 8 years ago

We haven’t always been kind to Boaz around these parts but that hasn’t stopped him one bit from continuing on his grind until he makes it where he’s trying to go. And as evidenced from the “I Won’t Stop” video, that place is the Oval Office. F#ck owning the Nets, Boaz knows real power comes with controlling nuclear launch codes, appointing Supreme Court justices and having legal immunity when installing a stripper pole in the Lincoln bedroom.

Okay, from the video’s focus, Boaz may be more Kwame Kirkpatrick than Barack Obama but at least he knows how to pick his friends wisely. The production of both the track and the video are solid, providing a platform for the pride of Pittsburgh to prove himself. And he does a pretty damn good job. Let’s face it: charisma matters and Boaz is comfortable in front of the camera, pulling off the kingpin routine with the perfect amount of glares and sneers. Improved lyricism doesn’t hurt either.

Peep the full-length and grab yourself Selling A Dream if his audacity inspires you.


And another one. “Keep Your Head Up” is inspiration for the hood.

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