When Bob Spoke, We All Listened

12.29.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

Nowadays, smoking marijuana is likely the most accepted illegal activity. Inhaling the occasional blunt or doobie is so common these days full fledged videos are uploaded everyday with no fear of retaliation. And that’s fine. You live your own life and from that you deal with the consequences – if there are any.

Still, visit any weed smokers house/apartment and I’m willing to bet a picture of Bob Marley is somewhere on the wall. Marijuana didn’t start with Bob, but it certainly received a permanent makeover after him and essentially ensured his name and music would burn eternally. I still believe most people accept Bob because they believe it comes with the territory of having a THC diet, but a win is a win whether it be by a point or 30 points.

My grandmother was actually the one who introduced me to world of everything Marley. She was a fan of “the feel” of his music as opposed the actual lyrics, which meant most of my knowledge of his music came through my own experiences. “Mellow Mood” has long since been a personal standout record from him. Yet, it wasn’t truly appreciated until around the Fall of 2008. This was around the time when I was working at Ruby Tuesday and the best part of my day was the ride home. Smelling like cigs, a salad bar and steak sauce, the only thing which served of any importance was how much money rested in my back pocket. Tip money was everything and clocking out was the only motivation.

“Mellow Mood” came on one night during the ride home. Like damn near his entire catalog, the inviting and relaxing vibe captivated me. But beyond that, Bob was painting pictures of real life and the relationships in it many likely never bothered to pay attention to while inhaling, exhaling and ensuring they wouldn’t miss their turn in the cipher.


Bob Marley – “Mellow Mood”

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