B.o.B – “Where Are You (B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray)” x “Strange Clouds” Album Cover

03.20.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Much like his Atlantic Records labelmate Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B catches a great deal of flack from critics and fans alike (myself included) about how his music has changed to appeal to mainstream America and running the risk of alienating the people that held him down in the wee years. It’s no secret that his audience is upset that mixtapes are the only place where the Decatur rapper can actually be found rapping. But don’t think for a second that he isn’t aware of these sentiments and the negativity that’s been floating around.

And on “Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)” he addresses all of it full force with a record that will go down as legacy-defining. During an era where rappers are so quick to throw rocks and hide their hands, B.o.B stands firm in the face of his detractors and raps his f*cking ass off. In an almost “Stan”-esque way, he speaks to his musical changes, his fans that stand by him and his response to it all. It’s wonderful to see Bob just rap on “Where Are You” because it is going to be on Strange Clouds for millions of people to hear. And that third verse? It’s one of the best he’s ever laid on wax. Peep it for yourself.

Strange Clouds hits shelves May 1st.

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