Break A Sweat To Bobby Brackins’ Jamming New Project, ‘To Live For’

05.13.16 2 years ago

bobby brackins to live for big

Even with only 11 tracks total, Bobby Brackins’ new To Live For project has more hits than most MLB teams do during the average game.

But, anyone who’s been paying attention to the California radio killer should’ve seen that coming a mile away. Two of the tracks – “My Jam” with Jeremih and the G-Eazy-featured smash “Hot Box” – have already amassed over a million plays, while “Faithful” with Ty Dolla $ign should easily reach seven digits by Summer. From there, pretty much every other track on this well-produced LP is fit for a crossover audience – which isn’t nearly as easy as it may seem.

Even though Bobby’s well-done release might end up playing itself out quicker than projects with more depth, anyone with a sweet tooth will have no problem indulging in this record until they play each song out completely.

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