Bobby Shmurda Says The Judge And DA Are Just ‘Haters’ Who Want To Stop His Blessings

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02.08.15 10 Comments
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It’s been nearly two months since Bobby Shmurda was thrown in jail and charged with a wide range of charges including conspiracy and weapons possession and we have yet to hear from the 20 year old. Billboard was finally able to secure an interview with Bobby yesterday and he discussed the rumors that he’d been injured and his posted then withdrawn $2 million bail.

Per Per Billboard:

Your mother and your lawyer are working hard to get you out on bail. Are you hopeful about that?

Uhhh… We’re trying, but right now I think the DA and the judge and everyone in the court is being biased. It’s so crazy. The favoritism, yeah. They don’t have no evidence, no nothing on me for the bill to be so high. I haven’t been out for a year, I haven’t been around for a year. So I didn’t make two million dollars! [Laughs] They gave me a bill they know I can’t pay. We can pay the 10 percent. And we tried to pay the 10 percent and they told us collateral. And every time we go for bail, it’s something new.

Bobby goes on to say the judge and DA are “trying to take my life away for being blessed” and calls them “haters.” He also shuts down rumors that he had been stabbed and says Meek Mill, Migos and French Montana have all stayed in touch since he hit the bing.

The entire interview is worth a look and you can check it out here.

(via Per Billboard)

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