100-Word Review: Boldy James & The Alchemist’s ‘My First Chemistry Set’

11.26.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


The Alchemist sells Hip-Hop chemistry sets like Coach sells fine leather goods: both aren’t the new-age paragons, but offer timeless products. On Boldy James’ My First Chemistry Set, the producer gifts James a dark and lush boom-bap soundtrack upon which James has never sounded better. The beats unspool with a calculated intensity, much like James’ malevolently at-ease flow. And since it’s James, drug raps abound, as the duo makes tracks like “Bold” throttle like Wagnerian epics. Again, nothing new; however, there’s nothing like a vintage set of Alc beats and a rapper who knows how to use them.

Standout Songs: “Bold,” “Moochie,” “You Know”

Songs to Skip: “Give Me A Reason”

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