Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony – “Rebirth” Video

02.17.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

While it may feel overwhelming at times, the new blood in Hip-Hop bring just that: new blood. Imagine if Robert Parrish was still allowed to linger on various team benches, taking up a slot that could be put to better use. You know he would if he could, but that would be detrimental to the team and entire NBA as a whole so they wouldn’t allow that to happen. So why is it that washed-up, outdated acts are allowed to plague our community simply living off past glory? If you ain’t got it, then you ain’t got it. Point blank. Every snippet, blurb, leak–you name it from Bone’s UNI-5: The World’s Enemy has been completely worthless to the human population–and now you have visual evidence to go along with it???

Hang it up fellas.

Groups ain’t what it do no ‘mo (thug). So what KrayzieLayzieBizzyWi$h&Flesh are back together. I don’t care if DJ U-Neek is on the boards and Eric Wright was still around overseeing the project through tinted LOCS. You crept on the come up with harmonic, yet violent, street thuggery that transcended the nation. When the hot combs came out, the buzz went cold. As men, you matured for the better. Your music did not.

It happens. Look around. Rakim, KRS-One, AZ, etc. are all shells of their former self. But nowadays, whenever Cleveland is brought up, it’s the Kid, not the Thugs that’s rolling off the fans’ tongues.

As an unit…it’s a wrap.

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