Boosie Says He Was Forced To Pick Cotton While In Prison

04.29.15 3 years ago 11 Comments

Now that Boosie is free and back on solid ground, we love all the good news we’re hearing from him, including his upcoming album Touch Down 2 Cause Hell. But Boosie BadAzz is not the type to just keep it moving.

In a sitdown interview with Global Grind, the “Like A Man” rhymer spoke on a number of things, including the conditions he had to endure while locked up in Louisiana.

“Louisiana has the most locked up people in the world, and we go to prison and we still pick cotton. We still got the chain gang down there. Like, the sh*t on you saw on ‘Life’ with people chained all down the [line]? We pick our own food to eat, it’s real in Louisiana. We got the 3 strikes law, we got more than 600 people got life sentences and it’s not violent crimes.”

“I was in there with a guy who got a life sentence for stealing a lawnmower. Another guy got a life sentence for picking up a chain in a pawn shop that somebody dropped — stolen property, 3rd strike, life sentence. It’s cruel.”

While all that may be behind him, it’s honorable that he wants to show a light on the unfairness imposed on those who still are incarcerated. But it wasn’t all the past. Talking about his plans for the future, Boosie said he reached out to 50 Cent to talk about making his own movie.

“I feel like my movie is gonna open the world’s eyes to Boosie. why they were saying “Free Boosie”. It’s my life. I want people to see it. I just feel like so many people will understand when they see it, so I’m definitely going to theaters with it.”

New album, new movie, new label mixtape: Sounds like everything is getting back on track for Boosie BadAzz.

(Via GlobalGrind)

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