Here Are The Official ‘Yeezus’ And ‘Born Sinner’ First-Week Sales Numbers You’ve Been Waiting For

06.26.13 4 years ago 13 Comments

Again, Kanye doesn’t care, Cole hates it but here are the official first-week sales totals for both artists anyway.

As expected, Kanye enters the charts at #1, selling 327,000 copies of Yeezus, well below the projected 360,000 to 380,000 copies insiders previously predicted based on first-day sales projections. Unfortunately, the insiders didn’t take into account the general public’s “meh” reaction to the album which obviously stopped future buyers from purchasing. Yet, Yeezus is still the biggest rap release since Drake’s Take Care sold 631,000 copies its first week back in 2011.

Despite leaking nearly two weeks ahead of schedule, J. Cole experiences a nice little come up since 2011’s Cole World. Born Sinner sold 297,000 copies, landing the NC MC at #2 on the charts. But, again, he doesn’t care so whatever.

An independent Mac Miller sold 102,000 copies of his Watching Movies With The Sound Off, a dip from the 145,000 copies Blue Slide Park sold back in 2011. The sales were still enough place him at #3 on the Billboard charts.

Join us later when we discuss Wale’s first week sales projections and whether he can turn rappers hating his guts into a publicity campaign for The Gifted.

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