“Stack Ur Paper Up”

05.14.09 9 years ago

Words By Prop Jay

I knew nothing about these cats when I heard this song, but that is the beauty of this thing that we do here. I hear a track from some artist, realize I know nothing about said artist, search for everything I can about said artist and sometimes realize said artist is actually said artists plural.

This was the case with Born Wit It and the above/below is borderline ignorant music, my favorite type. B.o.B, ahem I mean, Bobby Ray keeps that diet Outkast/ATL sound but still finds his own all over a “Bitter Sweet Symphony”. As I keep doing my due diligence it seems these guys are another group/artist under the management of B.Rich. Looks like he is trying to conquer the recession one ATL artist at a time.

If I only listened to Trackstar a few weeks ago.


Download — Born Wit It Feat. Bobby Ray – “Stack U Paper Up” (Prod. by DJ Toomp)

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