Bow Wow Tried To Explain The Origins Of Dabbin’ And Got Hammered For It

Life Writer
12.08.15 15 Comments

I thought Dabbin’ came about when someone figured they could cleverly check to see if their antiperspirant was still holding up without looking too crazy, but apparently I’m about as wrong as ketchup on bananas, and so is Bow Wow.

The former child star tried to educate the masses on America’s favorite dance since The Twist and ended up getting hammered for it. As it turns out, Bow’s logical explanation of Dabbin’ originating from “strongly smoking the purest form of marijuana” and coughing was incorrect, according to Dabbin’ creator Jose Guapo and rapper Rich the Kid. Rich tweeted for Bow to shut the hell up, while Jose tweeted he didn’t “need nobody try’na put a definition to the movement and don’t know what they talkin’ ’bout.”

Because Bow Wow was Crip-walking in his younger years and had three cuts in his eyebrows (try’na wild out), his explanation made him the butt of jokes again.

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