Brandon Jennings’ Donates Basketball Courts In Compton In New “Under The Armour” Episode

08.15.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

The saying “never forget where you come from” is about a true statement as there ever has been. For Brandon Jennings, even with a multi-million dollar NBA contract and all the luxuries resonating with being a professional athlete, traveling and giving back to the Compton streets which raised him was his idea of a gold medal ceremony.

In the second episode of his Under The Armour series, BJ3 dedicates a court to the youth and hopes his vision can lead some away the trappings that come with the inner city. From there, business briefly takes a back seat to pleasure as he hits up a pool party and doing what he does best on the court.

Still though, much respect to Brandon for traveling back to his hood and attempting to do something positive. A lot of times athletes are criticized for only placing stock in themselves. Even if this wasn’t his idea initially, kudos to him for following through on the initiative. Hardly home but always reppin’, for real.

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