Brandon Jennings’ “Under The Armour” Season 2 Begins Now

07.25.12 6 years ago

For a NBA baller, just because your number wasn’t called for the Olympic Games doesn’t mean sitting around for the summer is an option. For Brandon Jennings and Under Armour, the offseason means it’s time to crank back up their Under The Armour video series, the pretty popular project from last summer.

For the first installment of season two, watch as Left Wrist Media follows Jennings overseas to China for an NBA goodwill tour along with Gary Payton, Horace Grant and Demar Derozan. Going in even closer, the cameras capture the charismatic Compton, CA. kid’s China experience, showcasing the sights and sounds of the country and how Jennings – the baller and the phenom – gets love even halfway across the globe.

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