Question Of The Day: Would You Want A Once-Retired Brandon Roy On Your Team?

06.23.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

Well, the NBA season’s over and July’s right around the corner. What does that mean? It’s time to talk player movement!

Brandon Roy’s promising future as a premiere old-man style 2 stood as a welcome change to the game’s rash of non-shooting guards. Then his degenerative knees took their toll on his abilities, eventually forcing him retirement late last year. So, just like that, the game lost one of its few great, young perimeter scorers.

Turns out Brandon’s retirement hasn’t been spent wallowing in what could’ve been. Roy’s been working out and announced his intent towards returning to the NBA: not in a Jason Caffey “Baby mommas won’t leave me ‘lone!” kind of way either. Things are getting more serious as the Warriors have been linked to Roy-boy already.

Let’s open the prospects a bit here. Would you want your squad to add Brandon to its roster? While you guys ruminate I’ll just leave this video here of him just messing around.

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