Brandy’s Back And She’s ‘Beggin And Pleadin’ For Love

Life Writer
01.06.16 5 Comments

Brandy has a new sitcom and new music out? Pinch me for I must be dreaming!

The underrated vocalist is back doing what she does best, and that’s effortlessly breezing through runs the way only a gifted singer can on the new song, “Beggin and Pleadin.” Flexing those blessed church pipes over a blues-meets-trap production courtesy of Pop and Oak, Ms. Norwood throws her pride out the window and shamelessly begs for her beau’s return after foolishly ending their engagement. And I mean begs begs because I haven’t heard this kind of soulful pleading since Lenny Williams was begging for dear life on “Cause I Love You.”

Hopefully, Brandy continues channeling her pain and delivers more music that sounds like it was recorded in a Mississippi juke joint.

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