“Breaking Bad” Creator Ponders Show’s Finale

01.04.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Vince Gilligan has a lofty task on his hands.

Thanks to a ravenous Internet following, Breaking Bad is one of the most beloved dramas of all-time. And, with a conclusion not too far on the horizon (the second half of the show’s final season premieres this summer), Gilligan has a lot to think about as he pens the show’s end. The fine folks at Vulture sat down with the show’s creator for an interview, offering some insight on how the man thinks:

“I had this strange confidence in the beginning that I had an idea [for the ending] that was sound,” he said of Walt’s fate. “But I look back at the life of the series and realize I cycled through so many possible endings, it would be disingenuous to say I had always had it figured out. It has evolved in the last five years and probably has some evolving left to do.” He’s planted flags along the way to help steer the direction but still reserves the right to change course, even with two episodes left to go. “I read interviews with showrunners all the time who say, ‘I know exactly where this thing is headed.’ I always find that very interesting, and I don’t doubt them for a minute. It’s just I can’t see my way clear to do that because the characters inBreaking Bad are in a state of constant change by design,” he said. “When a character will be a different person five or six or ten or sixteen episodes from now, it’s hard to predict the future.””

Gilligan’s fluid way of shaping the series is admirable, but he might have dug himself into a hole. I don’t see how he ties up all of the loose ends that were at play at the end of last September’s finale; between Hank, the biker gang, Gus’s European connections, Lydia’s plan to expand business to the Czech Republic, Walt’s cancer and his relationship with Jesse (with enough skeletons to pack a museum), how many storylines can really be spoken for in eight episodes?

Gilligan has earned his audience’s trust, but his job isn’t an enviable one.

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