Brent Musburger Awkwardly Comments On A Woman Again

01.15.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

Holly Rowe, ladies and gentlemen

Brent loves the b*tches.

Ahem, excuse me: venerable ESPN announcer Brent Musburger is a fan of women, appreciates them, adores them and, apparently, can’t stop commenting on them.

After his awkward comments on Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, during the BCS title game (followed by a large Twitter kerfuffle and ensuing ESPN apology), Brent mentioned that ESPN’s sideline reporter Holly Rowe was “really smokin'” after her work on last night’s Kansas-Baylor basketball game, which Brent helped color commentate *. The part that upped the ante here? Brent’s tone, which was somewhere between coy and lascivious or like Pat Sajak introducing women at a brothel.

But, eh, it’s Brent. The guy’s 73 years old and comes from a generation of sportscasters who lived, breathed and worked within a near-impenetrable patriarchy. Brent hasn’t been lewd, just odd, so ESPN can put their apology writers on ice. For now let’s just enjoy these wonderfully strange Brent moments, which are always better than his wonderfully horrible announcing ones.

Watch both his comments on Holly Rowe and Catherine Webb below.

* – According to an update on Deadspin, ESPN announced that Brent said “it was really smokin’,” not “who was really smokin’.” We’ll let you be the judge here.

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