Brian McKnight Is Ready To Laugh At Himself…And Still Show You Your Inner Vagina Workings

05.04.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

You ever had people make fun of you and even though it really hurt your feelings but you had no choice but to laugh along to make it seem like you were in on the joke, too? So you end up doing some weird laugh-choke-back-tears combo? Well, Brian McKnight just did that.

In a pretty savvy damage control move, Brian released his vaginal instruction video via Funny Or Die to perpetuate his assertion that “How Your P*ssy Works” was a joke the whole time. But here’s the catch: in the process of trying to make fun of himself, The King of Clenched Hoo-Ha’s actually came off as more of a cornball and an even bigger weirdo. So now we can laugh at him laughing about himself over something he didn’t think was funny and probably still doesn’t but everyone else laughed so he went with it.


Gif: Warming Glow

Anyway, here’s the video. It involves CGI vibrators diving into fair-skinned females while a Black man makes a fool of himself. Sh*t, I think I just described the next Michael Bay movie.

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