Bringin’ Back That Old Zoo York Rap…

08.05.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

Things I love — Skateboarding and Rap

Things I cannot do — Skateboard or Rap.

I quit skating in 2003 after a tenure that lasted ten years or so. Plain and simple, my claim to fame was a kickflip down a four stair. Since I don’t think I could have ever done it again, it was time to tuck my board away.

Since then, the sport has progressed more than I could have imagined. Vert skating not so much, but street comps these days are mind blowing. The above is an example. It’s from the Zoo York Am Contest held recently; Zoo York AM’s Gettin Paid. Back in the day, I remember Harold Hunter Skating for the Zoo and then appearing in the movie Kids as “Harold”. Instantly he was my favorite skater. Still is to this day, just in front of Stevie Williams.

The AMs in this are Shetler, Deily and Z.Y. with a few flow Riders. I wouldn’t know who is who but they all kill it.The soundtrack to Zoo’s vids always is the highlight. Over the past few years, they fell the fuck off, but as of recent the minds at Zoo York seem to want a return to the underground and to quit fuckin with the mainstream. I’d say they shouldn’t have strayed from their roots in the first place.

Bonus : Zoo York (Mixtape 1). Its got some old ass (rare) footage of Busta on the Stretch Armstrong Show (circa stone age):

This clip is priceless. I spoke to stretch Armstrong ‘bout it a few years ago and he said the footage was taken during the first two months of his show. Real Old. Real Hip-Hop. LONS was my shit back in the day.

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