“Broken Levee Blues…”

08.29.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

Words By David D.

Three years ago today, we all witnessed one of the most devastating storms in recent history lead to one of the biggest debacles in American history. As someone born in Louisiana and raised in Mississippi (essentially maintaining dual citizenship in those states the whole time), I can attest to the tremendous struggle we’ve had to face in the last three years. My home states have pulled together and clawed their ways back. Granted, New Orleans is still not the same as before. Neither is Mississippi, but the progress has been heroic.

On this three year anniversary of Katrina’s arrival in New Orleans, I received messages and emails from friends and family that had moved out of the city in preparation for another hit from Hurricane Gustav. Evacuations seems to be moving more smoothly, but the fear is still in the air that we will have a repeat of the tragedy from Katrina.

New Orleans is a city whose culture is based on celebrating adversity. Just look at the Jazz funerals that celebrate the lives of those passed. So instead of wallowing in my own worries and fears for my loved ones and loved cities, I’m gonna cue up some Juvenile and pre-Baby-kissing-Weezy, whip up a daiquiri and middle finger that bitch-ass Gustav.

DJ Shadow – “Broken Levee Blues”

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