Yes, Brooklyn’s In The House

02.09.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

On account of the engulfing amount of actually-naked women available upon a click of my mouse, I can’t say I’m too caught up by the new SI Swimsuit Edition cover.

Still, for the sake of disparagingly having to tag posts NSFW, I figured I’d share this with the hopes that those of us who simply want to stick it to The Man will blatantly flaunt and share this titillating spread of Andy Roddick’s love bunny, Brooklyn Decker, for all in the office to see. I mean, if your grandma can catch glimpses of those exposed ta-ta-liciouses while picking up her Fixodent at the local Walgreens, then making this your computer’s wallpaper should be as harmless as that unopened O’Douls I keep in the back seat of my car to continually confuse cops.

“No, officer, actually…I haven’t been drinking.”

Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Covergirl [ABCNews]

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