Brown Bag AllStars – “Dumbin’ Out”

06.18.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

My enthusiasm may not come across in mere words but these kids are killin’ it. I won’t keep repeating all the praises for what they’re managing to do, which is basically be that one crew that sends me an entertaining song every day. Never “monumental,” but always good.

This morning it’s “Dumbin’ Out,” produced by maticulous & cuts by DeeJay Element. And it’s some shit that will inspire you to take your hands off the keyboard & mouse, then throwing’em in the air by the time Element slices Biggie’s voice near the end.


Download — Brown Bag AllStars – “Dumbin’ Out”

I missed this one the other day so here you go.


Download — Brown Bag AllStars – “Uglyface”

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