Brown Bag AllStars – “Brooklyn Queens Expressway”

07.01.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Words by Jesse H.

Anybody who has experienced the actual BQE knows how upsetting, frustrating and inconvenient it can be. Fortunately, the Brown Bag AllStars’ “Brooklyn Queens Expressway” is none of these things.

Producer Marink supplies a nicely cut up piano riff and sprinkles it with a matching flute loop. But if the beat is the concrete, the group is the crafty drivers weaving their way over it, with their technically precise flows (peep the way “we villainous rascals/ no filler in this village, carnivorous assholes” sounds) and steel-edged cuts courtesy of DeeJay Element putting this cut over-the-top.

A nice something to bump when, you know, you’re stuck in traffic on the BQE…or any other crowded thoroughfare for that matter.


Download — Brown Bag AllStars – “Brooklyn Queens Expressway”

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