Listen To Buddah Bless’ ‘Change’ With Allan Kingdom And King Louie

02.28.16 2 years ago

“Change” isn’t an unfamiliar topic, not as long as we live in a world filled with fake friends, people who strike it rich seemingly overnight or ones who finally find their 15 minutes of fame. Even with a topic so well tread, Buddah Bless manages to put a fresh spin on the idea of people, places and things switching up with his new track featuring King Louie and rising talent Allan Kingdom.

Honestly, Buddah’s name was completely foreign before “Change.” Credit goes to SoundCloud’s continuous play function for the oop in introducing him. But, the melodic production, handled by J. Isaac and Kingdom, does a lot for the track, making it warm and engaging the instant it starts and each of the three artists floats on the mic, describing the differences they’ve seen as their life’s circumstances change for the better.

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