NFL Fans, It Could Be Worse: You Could Be Bulgarian Soccer Fans

09.25.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

As NFL fans pout like six-year-old b*tches about officiating (AAAARGGGGHHH! REFEREES! GOSH!), they can take solace in the fact that they’re not supporters of Bulgarian soccer club Lokomotiv Plovdiv. The first-division club, which was the league’s 2004 champion, will administer lie-detector tests to its players and staff after the squad lost to league bottom-feeders, Botev Vratsa, in order to determine if match-fixing was involved. Vratsa had lost five straight matches before defeating Plovdiv, which Plovdiv owner Veselin Mareshki considered strange enough to order the truthiness tests.

This would seem harsh since European soccer giants inevitably suffer one or two slip-ups against domestic minnows (for Arsenal, this occurs more like five or six times per season), but Mareshki might be onto something here. Apparently, another Bulgarian club’s youth team just got suspended for fixing games and Bulgarian soccer is as corrupt as 1920s Atlantic City (word to Nucky Thompson). Also, let’s not forget about the Italian match-fixing scandal that rocked the sport in the middle of last decade, stripping AC Milan of titles and relegating Juventus to Serie B, which indicates owners and European leagues should take match-fixing accusations seriously.

While water coolers and Entourage accounts remain rife with b*tching and banter, remember one thing, NFL fans: it could be worse. Your own team could be throwing games right in front of your eyes. Watching under-qualified and overwhelmed referees bumble calls and games is the least of life’s concerns right now. So please, from Bulgaria and Plovdiv with love: shut the f*ck up.

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