Bun B – “Adrenaline Rush”

01.15.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

I’ve long been over keeping up with “daily freestyles,” as it’s too arduous a task and usually not worth the effort. But I’ve grabbed most of Bun’s (||) simply because you never know when he might straight spazz on a beat. Which brings us to Port Arthur’s resident emcee doing his 1-2 mic check over one of what may be Tongue Twista’s finest contribution to the game, “Adrenaline Rush.” And since it’s a Chi-town thing and he let Andrew debut it, close ears will catch the regional-based similes.

No Mixtape and Trill O.G. are coming apparently but I’m waiting before I get my hopes up. I was gassed for II Trill and that motherfucker was…not all that trill @ all.

Yeah, I said it. I ain’t going Bol on the brother but he didn’t send us one of these exclusives so I can be honest. That disc didn’t make it past “You’re Everything” in the whip before I gave up on it. I don’t want to use this e-pulpit advising readers to buy retail fails. Yet, I’m down for one more try because I’ve been purchasing since Too Hard To Swallow. But now it’s 2010 and anybody steppin’ to the mic gotta bring it because there’s a lot of young wolves waiting for turns @ the table.


Download — Bun B – “Adrenaline Rush”

Might as well take this extra he sent Mo too.

Download — Bun B – “I Went In”


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