Lazy People Rejoice: Burger King Starts Delivery Service

01.17.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

Picture yourself on a Friday night, having your pals over for some brews, when somewhere amidst the two cases you’ve collectively put back and the game of dominoes you’ve been playing for hours, a craving for fast-food arrives. Why not just call up Burger King and have them deliver some Whoppers to your house. Believe it or not, the home of the flame-broiled stomachache has actually decided to test the waters with a home delivery service at participating locations throughout the country.

According to a USA Today article, there will be an $8-10 minimum delivery charge and an extra $2 driving fee, as well as astronaut-tested “proprietary thermal packaging technology” to keep the food warm. On top of that, the article mentions that there are only four stores currently upholding this service, all in the DMV area, but a quick look at the BK website shows delivery is offered in South Beach, as well.

While this may seem like a great idea for the aforementioned party or just any ol’ stoner situation, the general consensus seems to think making it easier to eat unhealthy is counterproductive to a country already known as the fattest in the world. But, you can’t deny that in our current consumer-oriented society, this could actually succeed and possibly change the landscape of how all drive-through restaurants do business.

That said, would you restrict your diet to simply stopping for a Rodeo Cheeseburger when limited time calls for fast-food, or are you willing to be a BK test dummy?

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