Cop: Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG

09.04.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

Copious amounts of various leathers anyone? F*** a Pelle Pelle, the world can get its leather fix with the Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG. Ro and Rick, he co-owners of Burn Rubber Detroit, have always chosen materials and simplicity over bright trendy patterns and for that alone I give a tip of the hat. And the duo’s latest collab serves as a reminder that there’s still some greatness to be witnessed in D-Town.

The multiple types of animal hides used for the upper might be overlooked unless you look close, and that’s the point. For simpler releases, the d’evil’s in the details. Full grain, tumbled, and ostrich leather all draw similarities with the interiors of classic muscle cars of Detroit’s heyday, and the suede panels give the shoe a bit of contrast while utilizing the same color. A map lies underneath the clear sole tracing BR’s path from Pontiac, where Ro and Rick first met, all the way to downtown Detroit. Rounding out the look are plastic accents are also glow in the dark. The ridiculous height of the kicks alone should draw some attention. Perfect for lovers of doofy ’90s kicks like myself.

The Burn Rubber x Reebok Original Pump releases September 5th in store, and 12am September 6th online. For additional details, hit up Burn Rubber.No pricing yet but join me in prayer that they’re less than $120.

Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG 2

Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG 3

Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG 4


Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG 6

Burn Rubber x Reebok The Pump OG 5

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