The Not So Subtle Art Of Daggering

04.27.09 9 years ago 30 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

Busy Signal is one of Jamaica’s biggest dancehall artists, so for those of you scouring for “that underground shit, yo”… look elsewhere. He also happens to be the second artist to put pen to paper (or rather, put lyrics to song) over a controversial Jamaican Broadcasting Commission (JBC) ban on certain lyrics.

Essentially what happened was JBC banned radio stations, television networks and any other media from broadcasting lyrics specifically highlighting the act of “Daggering” or those which “promote violent or dangerous acts.” FYI: Daggering = dry humping on steroids that would leave the P in a different state than its original if performed in real life. I guess this is how they roll in Jamaica. All I can tell you is that in Canada us whiteys don’t have the power of Zion behind us, so the running start is definitely ruled out.

Maybe the motive behind JBC’s actions is “Preservation of the P.” And that would be understandable, but still to the detriment of the freedom to voice opinions and actions in whichever way we choose.

On this track, Busy gets down to an easy tone while providing enough energy to keep you interested. His message is powerful, uniquely delivered and well put. He expresses the importance of a message being delivered untouched by censorship, no matter the medium. This riddim is just the chorus of “protest” but I haven’t heard many artists go over it as well as he does.


Download — Busy Signal – “Beep”

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