Buy, Sell, Trade.

08.30.08 9 years ago 26 Comments

So it turns out auctioning ice is the next big cash cow.

On October 1st, if you have long money and happen to be on the East Coast, you can try your luck at obtaining some of Hip Hop’s most coveted jewels at Phillips de Pury. Lil’ Jon’s Guiness Book of World Records’ certified monstrosity will be one of the pieces for sale along with some more historical gems from the likes of 50, Missy, Tupac and Biggie.

Someone recently pointed out that investing in stones was one of the wiser things rappers could do in a struggling economy, as opposed to real estate, stock etc. I disagreed.

There’s a huge difference between investing, and just buying ice.

The latter is vastly retarded in the current economy, and any economy for that matter. Plus 99% of the rappers out there do not know that much about things of value. Dudes just ‘discovered’ Audemars Piguet when Beyonce sang about it and didn’t know what a Rolex was before BIG put it in a verse. I’d be dog-damned if they could tell you anything about the Karat system, or how much a Maurice LaCroix timepiece would hit for.

As for diamonds and stones, it is to be noted that for the most part, rap money just isn’t enough anymore. For example, the diamonds alone in Lil’ Jonathan’s pendant run well over half a million, and in turn hold the world record.

Are we meant to believe that Nore, Sean Kingston, and this cereal loving weirdo can near let alone match this number after taxes? Even if they could, you know that joint would probably get snatched, right? *cough*

My advice to those young’ns, and old heads is to fall back, buy a couple of 4 bedroom houses in the South at a bank auction and sell them back next June when their prices shoot up and get the tax break on both years.

Like smart investors would do.

“Hip-Hop’s Crown Jewels” | An Auction at Phillips de Pury, New York [HighSnobiety]

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