Buying Happiness On Black Friday

11.25.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

My sister Juan and I did Black Friday once, half-heartedly. One time in the early 2000’s, we went to Walmart at 8 AM, which was early for us at the time, only to discover everything in the ads had been bought out, the store nearly empty and functioning at regular pace. Consider that my shopping equivalent to a one-and-done NCAA basketball players experience because I’ve never even attempted to participate in Black Friday again. Stay up all night and wait on savings? Enh, that’s what I have eBay and auction snipers for. Stand in line or even camp out? Easy pass. I’d rather pay 30% extra than deal with all of the fuss associated with elbowing my way to buying one of only four available 42″ TVs priced at $89.99. I don’t have the patience and would probably end up like the gentleman seen below.

So far, the violence seems to have ramped up this year, too. A shooting at a Toys”R”Us in SoCal, another in North Carolina plus a a pepper-spraying incident that injured 20 people at a Walmart in Cali as well. Obviously, Californians take Black Friday very serious. I do admire those who participate the first major shopping day of the holidays but I cannot be one of them.

But enough about me. How did your Black Friday shopping go? Any steals, deals or great tales that happened? I know some of you went out there to face the madness or stayed up late enough to get a good price on an item you wanted. Share your stories of saving big dough and sticking it to the man.

Oh yeah, the only thing I’m looking for are a cheap iPad, maybe an Xbox Kinect for the kids or sneaker deals for self. Got a connect, holler at me.

H/T: Miss Jessique

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