BWGH x Puma R698 ‘Bluefield Project’

12.05.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

bwgh puma bluefield project

Buy enough shoes and you know there’s always “one more shoe” that stays on the radar. In fact, the philosophy applies to anyone who buys material items out of compulsion rather than necessity. How many purses can one woman need? How many more pixels and inches on a TV should a tech geek have to have? Who needs a new smartphone on the first day it drops when the phone in their hand works well already?

Still, we buy because we are consumers.

I am the consummate consumer of shoes and, in particular, any that come in different shades of blue or ones that utilize the color along with an ill material. Teals, navy, royal, it doesn’t matter, just give me blue. And for today and perhaps the rest of 2013, PUMA’s R698 model styled by Parisian menswear brand BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) for the ‘Bluefield’ project will be my last shoe purchased.

Designer David Obadia took an alternate route in a time when most brands are working with complex designs and borderline obnoxious colors. Obadia picked up a very plain, runnig model and gave it a lot of life by using slightly different shades of blue with suede, mesh and bouclé knit, giving the shoe a level of character.

The R698 releases at BWGH on December 6, followed by a wider release at select PUMA retailers on Saturday, December 7.

For me, it’ll be my last pair until one more shoe comes along.

bwgh puma bluefield project 2

bwgh puma bluefield project 3

puma bluefield close

bwgh puma bluefield project 4

puma bluefield sketch

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