Today’s Headline: “C-Murder Cannot Afford Appeal For Murder Case”

11.12.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

For over a decade, I watched my grandfather & then my father spend incessantly on my aunt Jean, now the former junkie. Court costs. Giving her money for “food” (you know where that went). Paying her rent. Paying in pain when they would hear of the latest stunt she’d pulled in the streets. Being “old street aggins,” they never showed their pain & their were no tears. Yet the anguish was visible, the frustration seeped out on the rare times they chose to share their feelings.

But they always paid. No matter how many times I tried to tell my pops I didn’t think it was a worthy investment.

Reading today’s headline (courtesy of Hip-Hop Wired, but it’s now magically gone) and hearing that C-Murder couldn’t afford his appeal made me curious.

Unfortunately for him however the cost of an appeal is more than he can afford. According to court documents he’s seeking an appeal of his jail bid but can’t pay the $20,000 in legal fees for that to happen. To file a suit in appellate court he would have to pay for the case record, trial transcripts and fees for all pretrial and trial hearings.

Desperate for a way out, his attorneys are asking the court for to declare him ‘indigent.’ Under an ‘indigent’ court declaration he would not have to pay the asked amount and could file his appeal free of charge.

I’m not privy to the particulars of the situation and probably never will be. I still decided I’d do some digging to see where P stood on all this.

See where I’m headed? Or at least you think so.

I was, indeed, headed there…initially. See, I know P is out to start a better Black TV network, trying to rebuild communities and other philanthropic efforts. Looking @ the headline, my first thought was “this motherfucker here doing all that extra shit but won’t spend for his brother?”

For his part, Percy’s faulting Corey for “keeping it real.” But, in reality, it’s P who’s got the most realistic view.

“He know he didn’t commit this crime but for him keeping it real in the streets and not saying who did it, where he at? He in the penitentiary, so sometimes your pride could kill you. My whole thing is: don’t let pride get in the way of what you want to do. Hip-hop artists got this ‘keep it real’ thing like they on the streets now.”

“Right now, C-Murder is a victim of a crime himself. He’s innocent on this case but because of his name, image and past, that’s given them the right to take him away off the streets,” [AHH]

Two sides to every story. The gravels I had in my hand, I had to let them fall to the ground. Not sure if I believe that a man currently sentenced to life is concerned with “keeping it real.” But if that’s the case, perhaps he should come off his stance a wee bit. And while I don’t think P should break the bank, dropping a few coins for his brother’s continuing legal defense and keeping his books tight…well, again, what do I know about the shit? All in all, I know I’m not hollering “Free C-Murder” if his own brother ain’t.

Anybody seen Silkk?

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